New Quaz’l Ships Coming Soon


Three new ships are coming to Dead Star when the game’s next add-on pack, the Quaz’l Ship Expansion, arrives for Steam and PlayStation 4 on May 24.

The Quaz’l Ship Expansion adds new gameplay mechanics and strategies to the multiplayer space combat game, as well as four additional pilot portraits featuring the Quaz’l species.

As the Armature Studio team readies the Quaz’l Ship Expansion, players of Dead Star should keep an eye out for developer-piloted Quaz’l ships in their matches prior to release.

The Quaz’l Ship Expansion is priced at $4.99, with players able to try the new ships in Free Play mode before purchase. As a show of our gratitude for their early support, those who pre-ordered Dead Star prior to release will automatically receive the Quaz’l Ship Expansion for free.

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