May 10th Game Update

A new update for Dead Star will be available for PlayStation 4 and PC on Tuesday, May 10, following the weekly scheduled maintenance window.

The update includes new improvements, balance adjustments, and fixes based on your feedback — see below for full change notes.

    May 10th 2016


      • Conquest Loading Screen now provides improved instructions on how to play the game mode. Other Loading Screens have been updated to match this new style.
      • Home Bases now show path indicators to the nearest attached sectors, to help guide players at the start of a match.
      • Increased the default size and visbility of Objective markers in the HUD. Size can be changed in Options->HUD->Advanced Hud->Objective Size.
      • Teams are now referred to as Blue and Red team, to improve clarity of game instructions for new players.
      • Scanner Map now shows Home Base sectors with a thicker border, to make them easier to identify.
      • Added Outpost Objective icons to Tip strings that reference capturing outposts.
      • Players are now prompted to play the Tutorials before entering the match Play menu, if they have not completed all Tutorials. (Pop up only occurs once).


      • Outposts and Probes that are under attack have slowed Respawn timers, indicated by an UNDER ATTACK warning in the Respawn menu and Launch menu.
      • Respawn timers are now tracked on a per location basis instead of as a global timer.
      • Player actions are now tracked for granting Assist XP for a longer period of time (was 7 seconds, now 10 seconds).
      • Removed the XP earned when a team recaptures an Outpost that they already owned (i.e. the Outpost did not change teams while disabled).


      • Any player in a Squad can now invite a new player to the Squad (previously required the Squad Leader).


      • After Action scoreboard now shows which team won (including which victory type).
      • Increased the duration of Cannon Control event popups and changed the names to be more understandable in context (ex. OUTPOST CAPTURED becomes CAPTURED OUTPOST).
      • Fixed an issue where the Upgrade Available SFX could trigger when the Upgrade menu was still open.


      • Contracts and Capital Ship Displays now show the Jump number as Current Jump/Maximum Jumps.
      • Removed burn effect on Capital Ship Laser turrets.


      • Comet and Plasma Storms – Decreased the initial delay of the first storm in a match, and lowered the average delay between storms.
      • Guardian AI – Decreased the average delay between respawns of invading Guardian AI.


      • Crash and stability fixes for the client and server.

Dead Star is a passion project for us here at Armature Studio, one that lives and breathes by its community, so your feedback is pivotal as we continue to shape and refine the experience. Without players, there’s no Dead Star – the more players we have, the more we can do, so be sure to tell your friends, family, loved ones, pets, stuffed animals and random passerbys about it!

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