“Some people collect cat figurines, I collect the skulls of my enemies.”


There are five primary types of rewards a player can earn:

  • Pilot Portraits – Pilot Portraits allow you to change the look of your pilot.  Pilot Portraits come in two categories: Basic (common) and Elite (rare).
  • Paint Styles – Paint styles allow you to change the look of your Ships.  Paint styles come in three categories: Basic (common), Pattern (uncommon), and Elite (rare).
  • Components – Components are pieces of technology that can be used to permanently improve your Ships’ systems.  Components come in a variety of styles,
  • Specialists – Specialists are scientists and engineers that can assist you in constructing new Augments, as well as serving on Capital Ship crews during Escape Runs.
  • Escape Run Contracts – Escape Run Contracts grant you access to a Capital Ship which you can use to ferry prisoners out of the Wastes — in exchange for rare rewards.


During a match, when you earn XP for your ship, you also earn Fame for your pilot.  At the end of each match, you’ll earn rewards based off of the amount of Fame earned in five unique categories.

  • Player Kills and Assists – Destroying or assisting in the destruction of player ships.  Ships of a higher level or class than your ship are worth more Fame.
  • Tactical Actions – Performing or assisting in Tactical Actions (skillful maneuvers on the battlefield).  The more difficult or rare the action, the more Fame earned.
  • Upgrading Outposts – Depositing Ore into friendly Outposts.
  • Guardian Scrap – Killing Guardian AI units or collecting Artifacts from cargo containers.  Higher level and class AI ships earn you more Fame.
  • Match Bonus – You earn Fame for every second you spend alive in a match.  If your team loses the match, you earn half of the amount of Fame, while a win grants you the full amount.  If your team earns a Decisive Victory, you’ll earn double the amount.

Ace Pilot medals are awarded to the match leaders, and add to Match Bonus Fame:

  • Attacker – Pilot with the most kills and assists near enemy Outposts.
  • Defender – Pilot with the most kills and assists near friendly Outposts.
  • Captures – Pilot with the most Outpost captures.
  • Upgrader – Pilot who deposited the most Ore into friendly Outposts.


Earning a minimum amount of Fame in a category will earn you a “reward roll” for that category – a chance at earning a reward for your pilot.  The more Fame you’ve earned in a category, the greater chance of receiving a reward, and the rarer the types of reward you can earn.  If you reach the maximum amount of Fame in a category, you are guaranteed a reward.

All earned Fame is also applied toward your Pilot Level.  When you earn a certain amount of total Fame, you will gain a Level.  As you gain Levels, you will also earn bonus Rewards.  The higher level you reach, the rarer the rewards.


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