“Surviving out in the Wastes is easy, meat.  Just take what you need, and kill anyone that gets in your way.”

Conquest - Outpost

Conquest is the primary game mode in Dead Star, and can be played either (5 vs. 5) or (10 vs. 10).  The goal of the Conquest game mode is to destroy your enemy’s Home Base, gaining absolute control of the region.

A Conquest region is made up of many Sectors, each with a space station at the center, called an Outpost.  The two team Home Bases are placed at either end of the region, protected by invulnerable barrier shields.

A team can destroy the enemy’s Home Base in one of two ways:

  1. Decisive Victory – Gain control of every sector adjacent to the enemy’s Home Base, which causes their barrier shield to be disabled, then fly in and destroy the enemy base with a direct assault.
  2. Strategic Victory – Gain control of the Guardian Defense Cannon, firing it at the enemy’s base and destroying it in a single shot.


Conquest - Map

At the center of each Sector is an Outpost.  If a team gains control of the Outpost, they gain control of the Sector, and every object within it (including Guardian AI Ships, mine fields, turrets, and other objects).

To gain control of an Outpost, it must be captured.  To start capturing an Outpost, you must first destroy its central structure — usually a large turret or command node.  Destroying the central structure of an Outpost immediately destroys all connected turrets, and lowers the level of the Outpost by 1 level (minimum 1).

Once the central structure is destroyed, a Capture Circle will appear.

Conquest - Outpost - Capture

Every friendly ship within the Capture Circle increases the rate at which the Outpost will be captured.  The more friendly ships, the faster the rate.  Scout class ships contribute at 4x the normal rate, and so can be very useful when capturing Outposts.

If any enemy is within the Capture Circle, they will block all progress toward Capturing the Outpost.

When an Outpost is Captured, the entire sector immediately switches to control of the capturing team.  This includes units that are currently commandeered by the enemy team.

Guardian Defense Cannon

Conquest - Guardian Defense Cannon

Every Outpost that is under the control of a team grants them deeper access into the Guardian AI network.  Data junkies use this access to hack the Guardian Defense Cannon (GDC) – an immensely powerful weapon overseeing the prison region.  This struggle for control of the GDC is constantly occurring during a Conquest match.

Whichever team can gain control of the GDC first can use it to destroy the other team’s Home Base and win the match.

The state of each team’s control of the GDC is displayed at the top of the screen during a match.

Conquest - Capture Bar

Each team’s colored Control Bar fills based on the rate their team is hacking the defense network.  The first team to fill their control bar gains control of the GDC.

A number below the bar represents the rate at which a team is hacking the GDC.  A team can increase this rate in one of two ways:

  1. Capture more Outposts, granting deeper access to the GDC, speeding up the rate of the hack.
  1. Increase the Level of their Outposts by upgrading them with Ore.  The higher the Level of an Outpost, the more it contributes to the rate of the hack.

Match Win

When a team destroys the enemy Home Base, the match ends immediately.  All enemy units within the radius of the explosion are destroyed, while friendly units celebrate amongst the smoking ruins.

Every pilot in the match earns Fame based on the amount of time they spent alive during the match.  If the pilot was on the losing team, they only earn half the amount of Fame.  If the pilot was on the winning team, and the team won by destroying the base using the Guardian Defense Cannon, they earn the full amount of fame (Strategic Victory).

Conquest - Strategic Victory

If the pilot was on the winning team, and the team won by lowering the enemy’s Home Base defenses and destroying the Base directly, they receive double the amount of Fame (Decisive Victory).

Conquest - Base Destroyed


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