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  1. Magic004
    The game is welcome back anytime soon lol ps4 is getting boring this was the only real good multiplayer with 20 people if there wasnt anylag
  2. Lambent
    Lambent Yerauldoll
    Are you Irish? Mind saying what city bc I'm interested? From what I know its beautiful and wanna know how you see it.
    1. Yerauldoll
      np. I'm from Letterkenny up the north west. It is a nice place, great scenery and that, It ain't as special when you see it all the time lol
      Oct 29, 2016
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  3. Lambent
    Lambent What's_upchuck
    Hey Joshua, thanks for liking a few Instagram photos. I am jcadenagcint. Nice too meet you. Youre quite the creative and skilled drawer. I'm John.
  4. Lambent
    Lambent What's_upchuck
    Did you play in April, maybe with groups?
    1. What's_upchuck
      I started about halfway through April but did primarily ore farming until lvl 30-40. I almost never grouped.
      Oct 19, 2016
  5. Lambent
    Lambent jaydrogo86
    Hey jay, dead star is closing November 1st. I'm not in town so cant inform the others we played with that: if they want too then play for old times sake before its over. Thx.
  6. Lambent
    Lambent Glitch
    Hey glitch, dead star is closing November 1st. I'm not in town so cant inform the others we played with that: if they want too then play for old times sake before its over. Thx.
  7. Louayyy
    Louayyy Pwn-Star
    I miss you :'( I hope everything is great!
  8. Nereth Annelos
    Nereth Annelos
    Super sick this week. :'(
    1. wundurer
      any better?
      Sep 17, 2016
    2. Nereth Annelos
      Nereth Annelos
      Mildly better, the congestion and being contagious now makes up for it.
      Sep 17, 2016
  9. macanri
    Sure bro, any time. I have to warn you, I've been playing like absolute s*** the last couple days, lol.
  10. Shaidar_Haran84
    Shaidar_Haran84 macanri
    Hey brother I wanted to see about recruiting you for team action. Looking for a Razor pilot so I can get back into the Justicar. I use the healing field to keep you up while we indiscriminately murder everyone :)
  11. wundurer
    I've been referred to neurosurgery. Huzzah! Now, the next stretch of waiting begins...
  12. Lambent
    Lambent wundurer
    If the work is your own, it is well written with your unique, sincere, well thought out, and inspirational perspective. Thank you for your words which deserve more appreciation (looking at the comments). I'd like to read more.
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    2. wundurer
      Aye, those are my words. I'm glad to know they've reached someone (c=

      I've got a whole lot more to write, I started with that intention but was waylaid with all kinds of problems since beginning that site. Soon though, I'll be on my feet again and be able to take up that task in earnest again.
      Sep 4, 2016
  13. Siahailatua
    Now you see me, now you d....oh cloak recharging. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry please don't kill me
  14. Sunsheine
    Sunsheine Nereth Annelos
    :) I hope your optimism and belief turn out to be well placed pal. There seems increasingly more occasions though where, for lengthy periods, I can't find any games on american or european servers. Doesn't look good :(
    1. Nereth Annelos
      Nereth Annelos
      Probably need to try to organize some games with the US players and get a regular play time.
      Aug 23, 2016
  15. Sunsheine
  16. XTGeminiman
    That was a good one. My favorite on the Asian servers so far. I had a feeling you were the blue dot down there busting up their base. :)
  17. What's_upchuck
    What's_upchuck XTGeminiman
    I added a 2nd vid to that latest post - the come from behind on the Asian servers.
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  18. wundurer
    MRI: Aug 19th. Stay tuned
  19. Yerauldoll
    Yerauldoll DennisWilles
    I did have more written in that but i learned it had a character limit ha I'm on about the guide incase you didn't notice lol Also what was Digimon story like? I never heard of it but loved some the ps1 digi games!
    1. DennisWilles
      It was great! You have to like JRPGs though, otherwise you're not going to enjoy it. It's classic turn-based combat.

      I played the PS1 games too where you had to take care of the Digimon. he pooped everywhere
      Aug 3, 2016
    2. Yerauldoll
      sweet, I love turn based. old school is where its at!! The first game was so good, i still have my file saved lol
      Aug 3, 2016
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    3. DennisWilles
      I keep liking these things, I just wanna reply lol.

      Then that game is for you, it doesn't get more classic turn based than this! It gets pretty difficult too and the Digimon can digivolve >10 times until you have your favorites.
      Aug 3, 2016
  20. Yerauldoll
    Yerauldoll DennisWilles
    Great job dude! but I have noticed one or two things. For the Commander trophy, A shutdown is when you kil some1 while attempting to capture a base not blowing it up. At least i'm 95% sure of that. I'l not change it yet tho, need to double check after a game today. Otherwise great job! I added stuff to 3 of them, pretty much just a line to each.
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    2. DennisWilles
      I changed shutdown, thanks!
      Aug 3, 2016
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    3. DennisWilles
      I tried it out, you're right.
      Aug 3, 2016